Mission Statementpicture1

Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church makes Christ known in the world. In response to God’s grace, forgiveness, and transforming love, we worship with the saints, see Christ in others, and serve God’s people near and far.

Vision Statement

Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church lives to be a faithful growing servant at the corner of Queen and James Streets in Lancaster. We witness to the good news of Jesus Christ and the gifts he gives to his people. We offer vibrant worship rooted in the Word and Sacrament. We pray for God to shape us as a regional congregation for worship, witness and transforming ministry.

Trusting in the Holy Spirit to gather seekers and believers and to bind us into a caring community, we will grow and be renewed through:

  • Faith practices of prayer, worship, bible study and learning, giving, service
  • Deliberate, planned activities of witness, invitation and hospitality
  • Lifting up of each member’s gifts for ministry
  • Stewardship of our individual and corporate gifts
  • Support of local, national and worldwide missions and outreach