Capital Campaign


PHASE ONE – Our Capital Campaign kicked off in February 2017. We invited all members, friends, former members, and anybody at all who cares about our ministry to make pledges toward a construction fund for the renovation of the increasingly dated lower level of the historic Grace Church building into an updated and accessible Center for Education and Fellowship. Our original goal was to raise $800,000 in pledges and gifts from the congregation and our larger community of friends, neighbors and other benefactors over three years.  The campaign was a great success!  By the end of our three-year campaign, despite the pandemic throwing a wet blanket over our renovation and construction, not to mention our ability to gather and celebrate, generous folks had given $774,459.

PHASE TWO – Due to the uncertainty of the pandemic, we did not undertake a full three-year campaign in May of 2020, but we asked members and friends to consider a one-year pledge to reduce our loan and cover interest costs over the pandemic-delayed construction period.  This campaign has also been a great success –  gifts and pledges through May 2021 now total $1,038,652.  This was an amazing “down-payment” on the renovation, with nearly half the total cost raised in four years!  We began our loan repayment on a principal of $1.4 million in December of 2020.

NEXT STEPS – As we moved through the pandemic years of 2020-2022, Grace leaders decided to continue Phase Two of the campaign through December of 2023. This provides for the ongoing mortgage payment, and beyond that, helps reduce the principal as we make additional payments. Through Summer of 2022, we have reduced the loan balance to just over $1M. Since each $100,000 of reduction to the principal reduces our minimum monthly mortgage payment by $500, this helps to make the loan more manageable over time.

If you are new to Grace, the links below take you more information: the introductory letter, full case statement, some frequently asked questions, and some creative giving ideas.





Pastor Renee’s Sermon “In Our Hands”

Thanks to all who have made pledges and gifts toward this campaign and the beautiful renovation of our building that has been accomplished! And thanks be to God, whose grace to us in Christ, and whose power in the Spirit gives faith and life to the church “from generation to generation!”

Rosalyn Ward, Campaign Chair
Stephen Verkouw, Pastor