April 4, 2020

Our Matthew readings over the next few days will take us into Holy Week and eventually into Easter. If you want to stick to the liturgical year instead of jumping ahead try reading some of what we have posted over on our daily devotional page.

A reflection on Matthew 26:1-46 (focus on v.1-13) by our Assistant Program Director, Angie Smith.

Here we have another reading in which the disciples completely miss the point. The result of which is Jesus admonishing them yet again.

I wish that Matthew had recorded her name, for she is truly a saint and a disciple. Unlike the disciples she doesn’t miss the point, she understands that Jesus must die. Matthew tells us that the disciples were upset about the cost of the perfume, but I have this feeling that most of their anger stems from a woman understanding something that they didn’t (some things never change). They were angry because despite all of Jesus earlier prophecies about his death and admonishing them when they missed the point, they still missed the point.

Those on the “inside” often miss the point and it takes someone on the “outside” to show them the way. We’ve probably all been there before either the one on the “inside” or the “outside.” When you believe that you are right about x theological point and someone points out another way, you tend to get defensive. It’s easy to get caught up in our feelings and our agendas and once we are caught up it’s hard to step aside.

As we work through our Matthew readings over the next few days, we’ll encounter the disciples messing up some more, but ultimately, we will see redemption for them and for us. Amen.