Articles of Interest

So much is being written, daily, about the outbreak and its consequences for us. Below is a selection of articles that I have found most clear and helpful for understanding both what is happening and what we can do.

Here is a recent article from the Atlantic that summarizes many things that we have learned about how the pandemic is spreading across America, and the many factors, and injustices, at work as we begin to move away from social distancing measures:

From NBCChicago “Chicago Doctor’s Blunt Speech About COVID-19 Hits Home Across the Country; Read Her Full Speech
A great speech on why we need to practice social distancing.

From Medium“Coronavirus: Why You Must Act Now”
A “deep dive” into the evolution of the outbreak in various places. Explains a lot, with very clear graphs and information.

From The Atlantic “Cancel Everything”
This article got my attention on March 10, a few days before anyone else was brave enough to suggest taking drastic action.