ELL:  English Language Learners Program at Grace

Grace’s English Language Learners or ELL* program is in its fourth year. During the pandemic, in-person classes have moved online via Zoom. We continue to meet Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 10:00. Over the course of the program’s existence, we have had students from North and South America, Africa, Europe, and Asia. While the number of learners fluctuates, we are able to work with students at four levels of fluency in our Zoom breakout rooms. Our curriculum is based on the series Future: English for Work, Life, and Academic Success. Generous support from the congregation and from outside grants has made it possible to supply devices to connect to Zoom for those students needing them, as well as to get texts and workbooks for every student and teacher.

If you are interested in volunteering in the ELL program, or if you know someone who would benefit from it, or if you would like to become a student, please contact the church office at 717-397-2748.

*Grace’s program is now using the name ELL or English Language Learners. This term is much more accurate than ESL (English as a Second Language), as for many of our students, English is their third or fourth language.

Grace’s English Language Learners program (formerly ESL) has received three grants to date from Penn Medicine. These have been a significant help in providing resources for our work with immigrants and refugees here in Lancaster. Penn Medicine produced this video to highlight some of their grant recipients, including Grace’s classes and the Grape Leaf Empowerment Center. Filming occurred pre-pandemic when it was possible to be in-person. Classes were meeting then at James Street Mennonite Church during Grace’s recently completed renovations.