Graceful Living

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This study uses materials provided by the ELCA (Daily Faith Practices and Daily Discipleship). The readings follow the lectionary readings for the previous Sunday (the readings for the week of 9/14 are based on the lectionary readings for 9/13).  If you would like a hard copy of the readings, prayer, reflection and questions please contact Vicki at the church office ASAP (717-397-2748). We encourage those of you in our pen pal program and our weekly phone call outreach program to discuss the reading and at least one of the questions in your weekly chat! New materials will be posted on monday mornings.

Week 1 (September 14-20,2020)
Week 2 (September 21-27,2020)
Week 3 (September 28-October 4)
Week 4 (October 5-11)
October 12-18,2020
October 19-25, 2020
October 26-November 1 ,2020
November 2-8,2020
November 9-15,2020
November 16-22,2020
November 23-29,2020

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