March 30, 2020

Our Matthew readings over the next few days will take us into Holy Week and eventually into Easter. If you want to stick to the liturgical year instead of jumping ahead try reading some of what we have posted over on our daily devotional page.

A reflection on Matthew 22:23-46 by our Assistant Program Director, Angie Smith.

I’m going to take the side of the Sadducees for a moment, I do enjoy playing the devil’s advocate. In Jewish tradition when you die, your dead. Talking about resurrection was more of a Greek thing (see centuries of Greek literature). They were concerned about a Jew teaching about resurrection.  Now, I’m done being on their side. While, they had their concerns they also had an agenda. They and the Pharisees had already made up their minds about Jesus. They get snarky with Jesus and Jesus snarks them back. Shocking, right?

In the midst of the snark-off Jesus sums up the commandments-Love the Lord and Love your neighbor. Those are things that we should be doing-and can do. I know we aren’t gathering on a regular basis anymore, but I don’t think we’ve forgotten how to love God and our neighbor.

The great thing about technology is that I’ve been able to see the ways in which our congregation is loving one another and therefore loving God. We’re sending cards, making phone calls, texting each other, and so many other things. We’re apart and together! It’s different, but let’s be honest so much is the same. As a congregation we take care of one another, social distancing hasn’t stopped that. If you need anything don’t hesitate to reach out. If you can please continue to support the work of Grace as we navigate a new way of being in community. We are in this together and God’s here too! Amen.


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