Summer 2021 Devotional

Join us this summer for an illustrated compassion a twelve week devotional from Illustrated Ministry that encourages us through scripture to live with compassion. The first section looks at compassion in the Hebrew scriptures, the second section at compassion in the New Testament, and the third section focuses on why as Christians we should be compassionate.

This is a great resource for families- there are family activities and coloring pages (the family activities can also be done by individuals)! I will be posting questions/readings/prayers to our social media between June 13 and August 29, but you can do any 12 weeks this summer that work for you. Just like for Lent there will be a path of daily readings, questions, and activities- one for each of the three sections of our devotional. If you would like the materials emailed to you (it’s a big document) please email me at If you want to pick a copy up in the office please contact Vicki at 717-397-2748 or If you have any questions send me an email. Peace, Angie Rabbe. 

Path Downloads

Each file has a daily path (use your Lenten rock if you have one) and a list of activities for each day of the week.
Weeks 1-4 Hebrew Scripture
Weeks 5-8 New Testament
Weeks 9-12 Living A Compassionate Life