Luthercare for Kids

Grace Lutheran Church has always been an active part of the community here in Lancaster and with the opening of LutherCare for Kids Child Care and Learning Center in August of 2000 a new outreach into the community was born. The need for affordable, quality childcare is a necessity of life for a large number of working families.  Enabling Grace Church to be an active, nurturing place within the community more hours of the week is a refreshing and invigorating part of our mission.  Stroll down the halls of the second floor of our Education Building, peek into the classrooms, and see all of the exciting things that are happening! You can’t help but smile in amazement, as LutherCare for Kids has become a second home to approximately 65 enrolled children, cared for by a dedicated staff of 13.

We are privileged to partner with Luthercare for Kids in making possible this place dedicated to building a firm foundation for our most precious natural resource, our children, our future! Grace provides for no charge the facility and covers the cost of utilities and major repairs, Luthercare runs the program hiring staff and selecting children to enroll.

It is noteworthy that more than half of the children enrolled are able to be here through some sort of funding provided to them through federal or other assistance programs.   LutherCare also has a scholarship fund, established through an annual golf outing fundraiser, to help those who may just have missed the cut-off for federal assistance or to help those who need childcare while their federal paperwork is being processed.

If you know of someone looking for childcare, they can reach the director, Grace Wallace, at 291-0275.  Hours of operation are 6:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.