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Prayers, August 16 2020

Let us pray now for one another, for those whom God calls us to serve, and for all the peoples of the world (pause)

We pray that our own hearts and lives may be formed by the Grace for which our church is named: the gifts of your Spirit which shape us as the Body of Christ.   Lord, in your mercy…

For all who are working hard to prepare schools and colleges in this pandemic time.  Give them creativity and patience through the difficulties, courage amid the fears and risks, and love for the work of teaching and learning. And we pray for all who are working in healthcare and related settings, especially with this who are suffering from COVID-19. Lord, in your mercy…

We pray for one another, for our children, for our elders, for our loved ones, for ourselves.  Help us to grow in new relationships, as you give us opportunities.  Help us to share your love in what we say and do.  Lord, in your mercy…

Use us, and help us, to break down the walls that divide us from one another by race or status.  Help us all to trust in your promises of mercy, forgiveness, and the coming Kingdom.  Lord, in your mercy…

We pray for the nations of the world, and for all people near and far whom you are gathering in the household of faith.  We pray for peace where there is war, hope in despair, understanding in confusion, joy to heal sadness and grief, and for new life where death draws near.  We pray for David, Robin,Rob and all the family and friends of Roz Martin who rests in you.  We pray for all who mourn.  We pray for David Hartman, Margie Schober, Kim Neumar, Pat Stewart, Jean Schaum, Charlie Stoy, for all who have asked for our prayers and for our friends and family whom we name before you now  (pause)

Lord, in your mercy…

Earth Day (Wed. April 22) Devotion by Susan Mull

Susan is a graduate of Lancaster Seminary and a member of our choir. Thank you, Susan for sharing reflections on the earth as our home, and for singing a lovely hymn of blessing!

Since we can’t stream yet at Grace, check out a few other churches that live stream their service:

St. James, Lancaster – https://livestream.com/saintjameslancaster

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Grace Member Susan Mull with a Prayer of St. Theresa of Avila and a Song in the Woods – Thank You Susan!