Some other video offerings…

A Musical Prayer from Psalm 137

I really wanted this brief prayer to be ready for my final Wednesday Vespers Service about “Mount Zion.”  I just couldn’t get it all figured out and edited in time!  Psalm 137 is so appropriate for this time we have been through – at least parts of it are – the ending is so harsh it’s not even in the hymnal.  But it comes from the time of Israel’s exile in Babylon, asking “how can we sing the songs of Zion in a strange land?”  I offer it to you in that spirit, as a prayer that I and we have offered almost week by week as we have wondered how to continue worship in this “strange land” of pandemic time.  But I also offer it to you in the hopes that it makes you smile, and give thanks for the amazing technology that has made adapting to this time possible, and opened up avenues of creativity that we might never have explored.  Through the Spirit, God calls us to learn and grow, even in the hardest times.  Enjoy, pray along, and ask God to help YOU answer the question, at the end of that prayer.

Earth Day (Wed. April 22) Devotion by Susan Mull

Susan is a graduate of Lancaster Seminary and a member of our choir. Thank you, Susan for sharing reflections on the earth as our home, and for singing a lovely hymn of blessing!

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