Weekend Weather

Dear Members of Grace –

A word about winter weather…looks like some more may be on the way this weekend, although perhaps it will be a rain-out by Sunday!
1. Since I live a few steps away, I am reluctant to simply cancel all services for a weekend unless we truly have a blizzard or very hazardous conditions.  Like last week, you can check our Facebook page and see if there are any messages there about the state of the parking lot.  If you have doubts about your safety, stay home and safe!  But if you and your car or you boots can make it, I will do my best to be prepared!
2. Depending on the timing of bad weather, we may cancel the early (7:45am)  service.  Like last week, the timing of the snow made it difficult for Denny to have our steps and walk ways clear by 7:45am.  Only 10 people came, and six of us had roles in worship!  In such conditions, it makes more sense to wait until 10:30.  Check the website or the FB page, or if you’re unsure, give me a call or text at 717-419-7829.
3. THERE’S ALWAYS SATURDAY NIGHT!!  Don’t forget about our 6pm service!  One of the reasons we make an effort to have a lovely service in the chapel each Saturday is that we know that each week some people have pressing things to do.  And occasionally, it snows on Sunday!  If you’d rather not get up and test the roads on a Sunday with snow in the forecast, plan ahead to come on in and join the chapel crew on Saturday evening. You can pick up your milk and bread on the way home!
Pastor V

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