Grace News September 24, 2019

Many thanks to the children of Grace for sharing the Good News with us on Christmas Eve, they worked very hard to make this year’s play a very special part of our celebration!

Special Renovation Notice

On Saturday, September 28 it will be necessary to shut the water off to the entire campus.  No events will be schedule from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Saturday evening service will be held as scheduled.     

Lutheran World Relief Ingathering is October 5/6

Thank you for all the donations for Personal Care and School Kits, along with extra bars of soap. We are still taking loose items and soap. What we cannot use this year will be used to start out next year. In the bulletin on Ingathering Sunday will be an envelope for your gifts for shipping.
Our goal is to raise at least $500 for this shipping fund. 
We don’t have the count yet on the number of items to be shipped; but to give you an idea, last year we donated 52 fleece blankets, 74 Personal Care Kits, 165 School Kits, and 98 bars of soap. School Kits went to Nicaragua, Mali, and Dominica (small island in the West Indies);  the Personal Care Kits went to Dominica and Mali, and the blankets went to Iraq and Mali. Our boxes are barcoded, so we can find out where and when our items were shipped.


Sunday October 6, 2019 at noon in the Fellowship Hall. Join us for a brief presentation and a lunch of Puerto Rican Food. A free will offering will be taken.


The weather was wonderful, and over 230 neighbors and Grace members enjoyed food, fellowship, and fun at our 2019 Neighborhood Cookout. 
As hot dogs were grilled on the street, volunteers served up side dishes and desserts made by Grace members and our neighbors Sarah Delgado and the Matu Fellowship.  Pulled pork sandwiches from Smokestack BBQ in Strasburg were gone in a flash. Ice cream cones served by Patti and Carl Hartman were enjoyed by adults and children alike. 
Joel D led the much-anticipated hot dog eating contest and activities for the children.  Live music was offered by Pastor Mark Kopp (St. James Lutheran Columbia). 
Thanks go to all who organized the Cookout; did the publicity; delivered the door hanger invitations; set up and cleaned up; welcomed our neighbors and gave them name tags as they came in; made the food; served the food; helped in the kitchen and in Fellowship Hall; led music and activities; talked with our neighbors; attended the Cookout; and prayed for the Cookout and those who attended. 
In the words of Mother Teresa, you gave “of your hands to serve and your hearts to love.”  Thank you so much for all you did! Barb Andersen

Stewardship Snippets

September 29, 2019 (Proper 21 (26), 16th Sunday after Pentecost)
1 Timothy 6:18-19 – They are to do good, to be rich in good works, generous, and ready to share, thus storing up for themselves the treasure of a good foundation for the future, so that they may take hold of the life that really is life.
The lessons this week remind us of the danger of hoarding our talents and gifts. Whether you are rich in resources, abilities, knowledge or skills, be sure to steward them carefully for the greatest good. In doing so, your own life will be all the richer and God will be glorified.

Our Grace Family

Have you noticed on occasion a very small, shy woman, who is carrying a 16 month old infant, and accompanied by a 9 year old boy?
Meet Christine Mbuyu, her baby, Steering, and son, Norbert. This young family arrived in United States in June and was funneled through Church World Services in Lancaster.
Christine originally came from the Congo, but she was exiled to a refugee camp in the impoverished country of Burundi. She has no living family left in Africa.  While in Burundi, Christine learned of a possible new life in the U.S. She signed a contract that if she came to the U.S., she would begin working immediately and that she would also pay back the air fair and expenses incurred to bring herself and the two boys to the U.S.
After a barrage of medical appointments, attended by our very own Barbara Andersen, Christine has begun to work at a 40 hours a week job at the Chick Fil-A Restaurant, which is located on Rt 30 East. Norbert has begun his education at Ross Elementary School in Lancaster and Steering spends his days at a local daycare.
While Christine speaks Swahili and French, she is eagerly learning to speak English and learning about the challenging, complicated, and sometimes confusing ways of U.S. life.
As you can imagine, the needs and challenges of a single mother with two young sons learning a new culture is daunting! A list of the things Christine and sons may need will be posted soon. Personally speaking, helping Christine has been a new rewarding process as I observe her navigating life in our country.
Joyce Loiseau

Needed items for Christine and Sons
Dish towels, dish cloths, SOS pads, scrubber pads, cookie sheets, cake pans, casserole dishes, dry measuring cups, pads for mop or wet Swiffer, paper towels, Handi-wrap, baggies, cookie racks, silverware (spoons, forks, knives), cutting board, non-stick frying pans, large kettle for making soups, rubber spatulas, Tupperware, whisk, hand mixer
Laundry detergent, body soaps, baby shampoo, bath towels, washcloths
Curtains (to be determined after she moves to apartment #2)
Bedding  (currently they all sleep in the same room. Steering sleeps in a port-a-pack; Christine and Norbert sleep on twin mattresses and box springs)  needed: twin bed sheets,  blankets and pillows for 2.
Steering: needs clothes his size 18 mos. to 2T, diapers
Norbert: needs clothing  size 8 tops, 7 pants
Toys the boys have virtually NO Toys . Steering could use a soccer ball or basketball
Ipad or laptop for communication with the School District of Lancaster; HDMI cable

Prayer List


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