Grace News January 21st 2020


Organ Recital

Grace member, Dr.Karl E..Moyer, is playing a free concert at St. Anthony of Padua Roman Catholic Church on Sunday, January 26, at 2:30 pm. The program includes works by J.S.Bach, Schubert, Cesar Franck, Saint-Saens, and Brahms. 
This recital is sponsored by St. Anthony Church as part of the celebration of its 150th anniversary. You will enjoy seeing this gorgeous building, as well as hearing Karl’s fine playing.

Souper Bowl Sunday

Mark your calendar! 
Souper Bowl Sunday is February 2nd
Grace Youth will be collecting non-perishables to be donated to the Lancaster Food Hub.

Following late service, please join our hosts, the Grace Choir for a Sunday Funday Fellowship lunch.We ask that each family bring a dessert to share.

R3 Temple Talk January 18/19, 2020, By John Saeger

Dear God, we know you are present with us.  Help us to get to know you better and to feel your presence.  Amen.

Several weeks ago I placed an article in Grace News on behalf of the R3 team encouraging each of us to be more intentional about our prayer life.  Led by Robert Durand, R3 is a process of congregational reform, renewal and revisioning made available to us through the Lower Susquehanna Synod.  We are urging you, together with members of your household, to make prayer a daily habit when you awake, at meals or before bedtime.  We’re also urging leaders of committees, teams and activities within the congregation to begin and end their gatherings with prayer.
Why are we doing this?
Congregational renewal cannot be imposed.  Everyone must at least be open to renewal.  We read that the early church was spirit-led.  We, too, can connect with God’s spirit – that is, God’s presence — by getting to know and experience God, not just know about God.  If we’ve met a person and want to get to know them better, do we Google their name and learn all we can about them online?  Well, that may be a starting point, but if we really want to know them, we invite them to lunch or to have a drink or just chat over the back fence.  In short, we meet and talk to them and experience their presence.  Prayer is how we meet and talk to God and experience God’s presence.  It is how we get to know God.
Some of us said prayers by rote as children but have gotten out of the habit.  Some rarely ever pray other than prepared group prayers in church worship.  And others are praying but would like to be more aware of God in their lives.  We have been led to believe that prayers should be eloquent and so we’re afraid to pray.  Not so!  Just as sharing our deepest feelings with our closest friends may be awkward, God not only accepts, but welcomes awkward prayers.  Thank God for your blessings.  Pray for your needs and those of others.  Remember those prayers of your childhood.  Use daily devotional booklets available in the narthex to guide your prayers.  Ask God what God’s up to in your life?  And remember, God hears your thoughts as well as your spoken words.
Through prayer God will become more real to you and, through you and your closer relationship with God you will sense the presence of God in others and will be a beacon of light to the world.  

Christian Education

Lenten Small Groups

This year for Lent we will be diving into Matthew, specifically the questions related to heaven on earth.
We need a few volunteers from the congregation to lead small groups. These groups can meet at the church, in someone’s home, or in a public place.

· Pastor Verkouw will be hosting a small group in the Fellowship Hall on Sunday mornings beginning March 1st (during Sunday School).

· Kathryn Verkouw will be hosting a small group in the Parlor on Tuesday evenings at 7pm beginning March 3rd.

· Barb Steinmetz will be hosting a small group Thursday mornings at 10am in the Stafford Room beginning March 5th.

· Angie Smith will be hosting a small group Wednesday afternoons at 2:30 in the Stafford Room.

If you need ideas for hosting, please ask. We are here to help! If you are interested in leading a group please let Angie know ASAP.
If you would like to participate in a small group and would like the student guide ($9) please let Angie know no later than February 2nd, 2019. It will take approximately 3 weeks for the curriculum to arrive from Augsburg Fortress. A student guide is not necessary to participate in a small group, but is recommended.
If you have any questions please contact Angie at or 717-397-2748. 

Stewardship Snippet

January 26, 2019 (Third Sunday after the Epiphany, Year A)
Matthew 2:13 – And Jesus said to them, “Follow me, and I will make you fish for people.”
Listen! Can you hear Jesus calling you to deeper discipleship? Don’t worry; you will be equipped to steward God’s amazing gifts, even as you cast your net of faith and share the good news.

Garry the Goat

Carolynn is in Mrs. Hartman’s Sunday School class. We are looking forward to the future adventures of Garry and Jesus!

Prayer List


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