Grace News April 21, 2020

Video Worship!

It may be “for the birds,” but others might say it has “gone to the dogs!” 

At least Phoebe Allison would agree. According to Ron and Lynn, her human companions, Pastor Verkouw’s sermon last week kept Phoebe’s attention “the whole time.” As you can see. I hope you all are well this week! If you are still not receiving our Grace emails with links and directions to our online presence, OR if you need assistance in mastering the technology, please call Vicki at the Grace Office (717-397-2748) to update her or ask for help. As I write to you this Tues. morning, we arepreparing for Judy Sweigart’s graveside service.  We may post some or all of it on video if possible.  Please  join me in giving thanks for her life and witness in Christ Jesus –   Pastor Verkouw

Phone Ministry Volunteers

Thanks to all our volunteers who have been calling to check in with Grace members. 
Volunteers, if you haven’t already checked in with the office to update the staff on your calls – please do so. 
Grace members if you haven’t heard from anyone—please call the office to let us know.  We may have an old phone number or email address which needs updating.

Christian Formation

Zoom Sunday School

This past Sunday morning 15 children and adults gathered together on Zoom to dance, sing, explore and share.  We explored why Mrs. Verkouw “could not be king” even though I feel like I’m capable.  This then related to why Matthew began his whole gospel with the genealogy of Jesus. We looked in the bible, shared a devotional from a book they received at Easter on Matthew, sang 2 VBS songs and ended with a show n tell by the children of an object that reflects “hope” to them.  Stay tuned and join in. You can even be part of our gathering in your PJ’s (if you are 6th grade or under of course). 
Easter Peace to you all, Kathryn

Resources for week 2 can be found here!

Outreach Opportunity

The Milton Hershey School continues to thrive and manage with the greater need to serve more children with social and financial hardships. The Miller children (Grace members) are a wonderful example of how well the school has prepared those children for better lives and a promise of advancing their education and career dreams. Having four children at the Milton Hershey School has also benefited the Miller parents so that they can also get ahead with their finances and advancing their careers.

Our school is also committed to expanding its enrollment for so many more children who still live in socially and financial family hardship conditions. The school wants to expand its enrollment to 2300 students (pre-K to 12).
In order to meet these expansion goals, they will need many more house parents. House parenting for deserving children can be a very rewarding career for young and older parents who want aspire to mentor and help promising children.
Perhaps either Grace members and or their families and close friends would like to learn more about becoming a house parent at MHS. If so, any Grace member or their personal contacts are welcome to contact me about myexperiences with so many of the house parents that I know at MHS. Of course, they can also visit the MHS website, and learn a lot about house parenting as well as life and jobs at the school. Plus, I’m sure that Haley and Emily Miller can also provide testimony about their supportive experience with house parents.
This is a great community outreach opportunity for our church to help recruit for both house parenting jobs and children in need of the resources at MHS.
Yours in Christ,
Lou Garcia (

April 26, 2020 (Third Sunday of Easter)

John 24:35 – Then they told what had happened on the road, and how he had been made known to them in the breaking of the bread. Sometimes even the most faithful disciples have a tough time seeing Jesus at work in the world. But if we look beyond our own needs and problems we begin to see the Christ all around. May this very real presence inspire us to pay attention and to work for the good of all creation.

Prayer List

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