Grace News June 16, 2020

Christian Formation

Sunday School

This past Sunday we enjoyed our last “Zoom Kids” Sunday School until the fall. 
I had asked ahead of time if the kids would create some example of “breaking the
commandments”.  They really came through with 4 video segments, 2 drawings, and 2 original stories. As we viewed their creations, we had to decide which commandments were being broken.  It was really fun…. at least the teachers thought so. 

As their “sharing” time they were asked to think of something that was “ordinary” (something they use all of the time) but yet “extraordinary” (really cool when they thought about it) in honor of the beginning of “ordinary time” in the church year.  Here is what they came up with:    
Cameron / a TV, Sebastian /a basketball,
Juliana / a pencil, Andrew / a ventilator mask, (friends of Cameron & Sebastian)
Brooke / a vacuum, Mark /a book,
Nina / a clock, 
Penelope / a blanket, Brayden / sleeping, Novia / glow sticks,
Carolynn / chickens.                                                                      

Their explanations just made us so thankful for their creative minds, and the wonderful faith of children! As their summer ministry they have agreed to write/draw/and send communications to our shut-ins. 
Praise God!  If you have someone that comes to your heart or mind that would especially love this type of blessing please do contact Kath or Vicki but we know who most of you are. Keep on reaching out and may we all practice having the faith of a child.

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Need to talk to a friend?

Tired of Skype, Zoom, TV or NetFlix?  Wanna talk to someone face to face?  We are social creatures with a burning need to be together.  But, while we are unable to be close to our friends and loved ones, God is always with us.  Because God is unseen we often forget or ignore God.  Yet God is real – not an image on a screen – always wanting to have us experience His presence in our lives.
Take time to pray.  Ask God to bless your meal and mealtime.  For example “Bless, O Lord, this food to our use and us to your service. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.” 
In this simple prayer we ask God’s blessing on what nourishes us so we can be of service to God.  And/or ask God to keep you safe through the night and to make you aware of His presence during the day.  Eventually God will become more real to you.
There is much we can share with God.  He will not drop the signal! 
And God will become more real to you and surround you with His love.

If you have a graduate—please contact the office (717-397-2748) with your students informationfor the next Grace News!! 

For Jennifer Fritsch and for her generosity – thank you for purchasing new purificators.–Vicki