Grace News August 17, 2020

“Grace Church Stars in the Water Walk!”

In case you missed the article in last week’s newspaper, Grace was one of several congregations and other organizations featured during in Water Week, sponsored by the Lancaster Conservancy Aug. 7-15.  Over 100 folks registered online to take the walk, and many others likely walked without officially registering.  

Although folks could begin the self-guided tour anywhere on the loop, we offered our parking lot for those coming from outside the city, and welcomed them with a number of signs indicating our future native plantings as the final step of our renovation.  A “digital tour guide,” accessed online, described our significant stormwater recovery project that dovetailed into the excavation for our new addition that also included the playground, the driveway and the upper parking lot. Other projects on the walk included rain gardens, barrels, native plant habitat and permeable parking lots.
Some details for you engineering types: Let’s say a one-inch rainfall lands on the north half of our church roof…including the new addition, those roofs cover 4,168 sq. feet.  At .623 gallons per square foot, that’s a lot of water – 2,600 gallons!  In an average year, with 43 inches of rain, that’s 111,800 gallons of rainwater that is now being diverted into the ground beside the parking lot to make its way back into the aquifer.
Why is this important?  Many may already know this: Lancaster City’s stormwater runoff is carried by the same old pipes that carry our sewage.  Until our modern sewage treatment plant was built, it all used to flow together into the Conestoga River, down the Susquehanna, ending up in the Chesapeake Bay.  Oysters anyone?  Gross, right?  On most days, our sewage plant handles our sewage, and only properly treated water makes that trip.  On days when it rains hard enough, all that rainwater combines with the sewage, overflowing the treatment plant and ending up in the river, just like the old days.  Did you know that, because of our farms and industry, Lancaster County is the worst polluter out of the all counties in the Bay watershed? 
Doing our part to help clean up this problem is exactly what the church means by “stewardship” – caring for the earth and all its resources.
Thanks to Joe and Marianne Nolt for a leading gift of $10,000 toward the now $30,000 cost of this project (this cost was not included in our original renovation plan).  Others have made contributions – if you can, please consider a special gift to our “Stormwater Project.”  Thank you
Pastor V!

Daycare Update!

Our Daycare is now offered by CAP!

Who is CAP? 

The Community Action Partnership is Lancaster County’s largest anti-poverty organization and boasts a service profile that interrupts inter-generational poverty with programs that assist families at every age and place in life.

Knowing that poverty is complex and its contributing factors vary, CAP is committed to creating innovative, person-centered initiatives, including social enterprise businesses, to augment our many long-standing and successful anti-poverty programs that advance the social and economic mobility of families. CAP is person-centered, outcomes-based, data-driven, and focused on greater sector impact and systems change.
CAP provides birth – 5 early childhood education services throughout Lancaster County. Our programs provide children with early childhood education, family support services, nutritious meals and health screenings. CAP’s early learning program emphasizes language, math, science, art, physical activity and social skills to prepare children for school success. Special services are available to ensure that all children can fully participate in the program.

 What does this mean for Grace? 

Let’s go back a bit to understand the transition. This past winter, LutherCare became increasingly uncertain about the viability of continuing their daycare ministry at Grace. Staff were leaving, COVID was impacting programming, and our renovation was in full swing, yikes! 
Pastor was worried as well so he began to investigate other possible partnerships.  It became clear that our church site was a perfect fit for CAP’s experienced daycare management staff and their vision for growth, and they agreed to expand their daycare into this part of the city.
Hence, over the spring and summer much has occurred:

· Emptying and cleaning the second and third floors Sunday School classrooms

· Sunday School teachers sorting through all of our things and moving them into temporary storage, along with ESL’s educational materials and toys

· CAP repairing, painting, and installing air conditioning installed in the 3rd floor space

· Inspections and transfer of daycare licenses

· CAP moving their materials into the spaces

· And creating a toddler/infant outdoor space in part of the parsonage yard…phew!

Now we are almost there!  Stay tuned next week’s article written by Nikki Waldron, Director of CAP’s Thrive to Five program here at Grace, with details how this change in our management partnership will effect our church and its daycare ministry.
Kathryn Verkouw, Program Director

Lutheran World Relief Ingathering

Currently set for October 3-4. We will let you know at a later date if it needs to be postponed.

We have decided to do only Personal Care and Fabric Kits this year and not ask members to search stores for school supplies to make School Kits.  A very generous member of Grace has donated money to buy the fabric and thread that is needed. Thank you!

You can be on the lookout for the items needed to make the Personal Care Kits and make them at home as you are able. Here is what is needed and the instructions for packaging:

· One light-weight bath size towel (between 20” x 40” and 52” x 27”), dark color

· Two or three bath-size bars of soap equaling 8 to 9 oz, any brand, in original wrapping*

· One adult-size toothbrush in its original wrapping

· One sturdy comb, remove packaging

· One metal nail clippers (attached file optional), remove packaging

Fold the towel in half width-wise. Place the rest of the items in the towel, fold and roll so nothing falls out, and secure with yarn, ribbon, string or rubber bands.


August 23, 2020 (Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost, Proper 16)
Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your minds, so that you may discern what is the will of God—what is good and acceptable and perfect. Romans 12:2
The early Christians did not conform to the world’s standards, and they were known for their      love, care, and genuine open community. Let us work to make sure that the future church is not conformed to the culture but rather is faithful to the radical upside-down-inside-out way of Christ.

Our Grace Family

To my Family at Grace Church… Thank you for your phone calls ,cards and prayers during my recent hospitalization.  I can now tell you that I am well on the road to recovery.  

Peace be with you.  Bruce J. Linton

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