Grace News February 2, 2021


The Great Commandment –Embracing the mechanics of Our Heart-Mind-Soul

“Love the Lord your God, with all your heart and soul and mind…and love your neighbor as yourself.”

I perceive this commandment to have three unique elements within. 

  • Respect the life we have been given –
  • The Us part involves our actionable response in thanks to God and for all those close to us ~ our intimate circle –
  • The unrequited part, letting our light so shine on the person we don’t necessarily know, perhaps the person next to us in line waiting for their vaccination. That experience might go something  like this ~ “I never though I would be in the company of so many nice people today. If I might ask, what brought you here today?”  With this we have broken the silence and have been invita-tional, one Great Step for mankind and one small but purposeful gift from God.  Our day is filled with other equally available opportunities.

Our R3 Team recently reached out to you regarding your thoughts as we seek to define Guiding Principles that speak to the ever evolving purpose and environment of our mission at Grace.  Thank you for your participation.  We will shortly begin to share with you the results of that task as we unfold its development.  We will encourage your feedback all along the way.
Robert Durand, Grace R3 Team

Christian Formation

Zoom for Kids and Youth

Update on Sunday ZOOM Fun for kids 

This Sunday we looked at the first 2 chapters of Daniel.  We chose our favorite name from the list of Daniel and his 3 friends Jewish names and the Babylonian names they were then given (Belteshazzar, Hananiah, Shadrach, Mishael, Meshack, Azariah, Abednego, and of course we can’t forget my favorite, King Nebuchadnezzar!). Which name would you choose? 
We shared our favorite “Daniel food” (fruit or vegetable) and a “King” food (something from our kitchen with lots of weird ingredients). We read how Daniel saved many lives by God showing Daniel not only the meaning of the King’s bad dream but  what the King had dreamed.  Add in a few silly songs and a fun game and class was enjoyed by all.  
Join us at 9:30 am for our zoom Sunday School – best for kids 1-6th grades.  Look for the Weekend Updates and links for Worship and Sunday School email from Pastor!

Youth ZOOM on Sunday mornings!

For youth, grades 6-12, Meghan Kelly and Keith Miller will be leading youth ZOOMS! Confirmation at 9:00 a.m. / High School at 9:45 a.m. If you would like to participate – please contact Meghan at to receive the link.

Contemplating Logos

“Listen, O my son, to the precepts of thy master, and incline the ear of thy heart, and cheerfully receive and faithfully execute the admonitions of thy loving Father, that by the toil of obedience thou mayest return to Him from whom by the sloth of disobedience thou hast gone away.”

(Prologue to The Rule of St. Benedict, Trans. Rev. Boniface Verheyen OSB, 1949)

This week’s reading is John 1:14-18
If you would like more information on lectio divina please see the purple box on our website or email Angie at 

Tapestry of Pages Updates 

Our next book is Separated Inside An American Tragedy by Jacob Soboroff starts on February 16.

This book looks at the ways in which families were separated at the U.S. Mexico border and the response of churches in the communities that were impacted by these policies.

Our group meets Tuesdays at 3PM via Zoom.

If you would like to join this group please email Angie at

Following Separated we will be reading The House in the Cerulean Sea by TJ Klune.

February 7, 2021 (Fifth Sunday after the Epiphany, Year B)
“He gives power to the faint, and strengthens the powerless.”  – Isaiah 40:29
Yes, loving one’s neighbor can be difficult, but not impossible. God is with us and gives the strength and power we need to love others, even our enemies. Stewardship of relationship matters!

Our Grace Family

Congratulations to Dr. Barbara Barlow named one of Vassar’s most notable alumni. Dr. Barlow is a long time member of Grace Church now residing in Tenafly New Jersey. Click here for more information

Many thanks for your prayers, cards, emails and phone calls during my several month long healing from a surgical procedure that had unintended consequences.  I am grateful to the comfort of Annabel Ries, as she was one of my attending nurses for a reparative operation.  As I traveled to either LGH or the Health Campus for a daily infusion of antibiotics, it was comforting to be able to watch our church services on the internet. Praise to you, O Christ! Joyce Loiseau

Thank you so much for all your cards and kind words of sympathy in memory of Don. Grace Lutheran Church has been a special family for him and our family for a lifetime. Fondly, Audrey Harman and Family
We continue to pray for Mark Harman who is now recovering at home following his hospitalization and stay in rehab.  Please keep Christine and the children in your prayers as well.