Grace News February 1, 2022


Flute Ensemble

The Lancaster County Flute Ensemble was begun in 2016 by 3 flute players that met at Pocono Flute Camp. The current members come from three counties and play a varied of flutes-piccolo, c-flute, alto and bass.

We are grateful for the rehearsal space provided by Grace, and will offer a variety of music for the February 6th 10:30 a.m. service in thanks. – Jennifer Fritsch

Christian Formation

Confirmation Camp

Confirmation Camp at Kirchenwald
Open to students entering grades 6 through 12
June 19 – June 25, 2022
Come explore the Bible stories that never get read on Sunday mornings. 

Talking donkeys, she bears, and fiery furnaces are just a few of the exciting stories we will explore! You don’t want to miss the fun! Registration forms will be available in the Narthex. Contact Vicki if you have questions.

Lent 2022

What Does the Bible Say: Part II

Dear Grace Folks,

You’ll get this Grace News a short month before Ash Wednesday, and the beginning of Lent. That may seem like a lot of time, and I’d like you to use it to prepare yourself for a Lenten discipline that will continue through a year until next March – reading through the Bible in a single year.

Angie introduced us to this idea in last week’s article. Reading isn’t everybody’s passion, and the Bible can be an intimidating read, for a number of reasons, so this week, I’d like to offer seven good reasons to consider joining in.  

1. It will take you places you don’t normally go. We all have our favorite passages, and we all have some idea of what’s in the Bible, based on our past experience with Bible reading in church or on our own. But unless we’ve really made the effort, most of us must confess that there’s a whole lot of the Bible we’ve never read at all.

2. You’ll learn new and unexpected things. The Bible reveals God through a variety of authors, periods of history, experiences, and perspectives. Even reading a passage we may already have known from our past can reveal something new.

3. The bird’s eye view. Getting a sense of the Bible’s full sweep, helps us know its individual parts and verses more deeply.

4. It Counteracts the temptation to read the Bible for answers. So often we approach the Bible as consumers – “give me an answer to my question, problem or feeling.” Making our way through the whole Bible invites us to listen instead of asking, to receive instead of taking.

5. The ecumenical effect. Every Christian group has its favorite emphasis…Lutherans love Grace, for instance, and Pentecostals love the signs of the Spirit, and Catholics love authority and perfection, and Methodists love holiness, and Mennonites love peace. Reading all of scripture can strengthen our weaknesses and temper our parochial enthusiasms.

6. Be surprised. The Spirit of God will help you make connections between you, God and life in ways that are both expected from such a project, but also unexpected. You will be surprised by God’s grace unfolding!

7. A new habit. Many of us mean to read the Bible more, or daily, or…whatever. But we don’t.  Even the pastor needs to learn to read the Bible less for work and more for play! Those who study human nature tell us that developing a new habit takes time and interpersonal accountability.  

This Lent offers us a chance to begin a new season of growth with each other and with Jesus, our Heavenly Father, and the Holy Spirit. Reading the Bible is certainly not the only way to encounter God…but it is the only way to encounter the particularities of God who reveals them there in the stories of Israel and Jesus and the early (apostolic) church. 

Next week I’ll consider some normal objections or barriers to this idea. But this week, consider: Why NOT join together with others at Grace to read the Bible through this coming year? What might be standing in your way? What might you need to change to make this a fruitful experience?

Pastor Verkouw

Transformed Community: Freed and Empowered For Radical Welcome

A Bible study from LIRS, Lutheran Outdoor Ministries, and AMMPARO that encourages us to transform our communities into communities of radical welcome. The study is based on Romans 12:2. We will meet Tuesdays at 3PM on Zoom please contact Angie Rabbe at if you are interested in joining this group. Copies of the study can be picked up in the office. Angie can also email you the PDF if you prefer an electronic version. This group begins on March 8.

Adult Sunday School Beginning the First Sunday in Lent, March 6, 2022

One of the blessings of this past year at Grace is the wonderful group of new folks who have come to Grace and begun to take part in our ministries, even during the pandemic.  Pastor Steve will use the Lenten Sunday School hour to conduct a new and updated version of his “Discovery Class” – Surprises and Insights from Scripture, Tradition, and Lutheranism and our Ministry at Grace. 

With Pastor Steve’s guidance, participants will deepen their knowledge of the Bible, the long tradition of Christian faith, our “home-turf” Lutheran Confessions, and understand how all these undergird our ministry priorities at Grace Church and in the neighborhood. 

Pastor hopes that both newer folks and Grace veterans will come together for these sessions and be inspired for ministry and life together!

We are hopeful that this class can be held in person, in the Nolt Auditorium at 9:00 a.m., but we will have to wait and see.

Lent for Children & Families at Grace

Preschool and Early Readers (ages 2.5yrs. – third grade) will receive an activity book about Lent and Easter. They will also receive a Prayer elephant!

K-8th grades will receive a bible scavenger hunt. Each day of Lent, students will scratch off a circle for their clue. The answers will be found in one of the 39 books of the old testament. 

2022: Your year for generosity

How do we respond to God’s call to serve and love our neighbors? We faithfully steward the gifts God has so abundantly given to us.

Although some think of stewardship as only a financial response to God’s love, stewardship encompasses so much more than money.

It is about how we use all that God has entrusted to our care — our time, our talents and our treasures — to love God and our neighbors, both inside and outside of the church walls and our homes.

Creation Care

This Week’s Green Tip

If your finances were lucky enough to escape the pandemic unscathed, you may be reviewing your investments and wondering if any changes are warranted. While the divestment movement is driven by companies and organizations taking their investments out of fossil fuel expansion, individual choices matter. Read more here

Cap Collection Continues

We are still collecting caps for the Earth Savers Club at Central York High School. If you would like to help—drop off your clean/label free caps to the church office! Thank you for helping to protect our planet!

Our Grace Family

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