Grace News February 21, 2023


Reducing Gun Violence Group

Over 20 folks showed up for our first meeting in early February, and we will follow up with a second meeting on March 7 at 6:30. This group will to explore and strategize, with two main 

emphases. One goal is to seek out resources and provide fact and science-based education on this issue as we can for ourselves, the congregation and the community at large. We cannot hope to change what we do not understand. Another goal is to learn about other groups and individuals in our local area who are also working in this area and to foster connections. A third goal is to prioritize a variety of actions that have a chance, directly or indirectly, of creating social changes that will reduce the harm caused by guns in our communities. For example: all are invited to consider attending one or all of these Lenten vigils: 

The Lancaster Chapter of “Heeding God’s Call to End Gun Violence” will be holding mostly silent vigils at Penn Square from 12 to 12:30 PM on Fridays in Lent (3/3, 3/10, 3/17, 3/24, and 3/31). The vigils will be opened and ended with prayer led by local religious leaders representing a variety of faith groups. Some of the attendees will be wearing T-shirts labeled with the names of people who have been killed by gun violence in the past year. This public and prayerful witness is intended simply to raise awareness of the issue, so that folks might be ready and even inspired to do more. Those who are interested are invited to attend the vigils; no RSVP necessary.

All are invited to join our next meeting in the Nolt Auditorium, March 7, at 6:30 p.m. Please email  Hollis Butterworth at if you plan on coming to the meeting. Bring a friend!

March Worship Volunteer Schedule/ Birthdays/Anniversaries

Christian Formation

Summer Camp

“The Church, in a place and time apart …Where God’s presence is experienced, Faith is renewed, Christ’s love is felt, and the Church is strengthened for the service and proclamation of the Gospel.”

As spring approaches it’s time to begin thinking about summer camp at Kirchenwald and Nawakwa!
This year’s Bible study and worship theme is “Holy Trinity Wholly Love”. Campers will wade through the mystery of the Trinity using Revolution 22:13 as their guiding text.
Camp begins the week of June 18th and continues until the week of August 6th. Camp experiences are open to children and youth grades K – 11. I would like to encourage families to consider participating is this very meaningful opportunity.
Every child should have the chance to attend camp. Tier pricing, camp person, second and third child, and full payment discounts make camp more affordable. Families that need extra financial assistance may apply to the
Lutheran Camping Corporation for a Campership or may contact the Grace church office for financial assistance. If you would like to contribute and help Grace children attend camp – donations can be made to Grace Church, memo line Camp Fund.
In the next couple of weeks more information will be coming your way. Look for our camp displays in the Narthex and in Nolt Auditoruim, hear what Grace kids and adults have to say about their experiences at camp and why they keep going back.
See you at camp!
Vicki Mumma

Devotions for the Church Year

Dear members and friends of Grace, Thank you to everyone who has submitted a devotion for Lent! We now have enough devotions for Lent. However, we would  love for volunteers to write short (around 200 words) devotionals or prayers during the rest of the church year (except July). Anyone can write for this section! It would be a great activity for families and friends. If you don’t want to write an original piece you can submit something written by someone else. If  you do this please provide the information needed to cite the text. If you are interested in writing please contact me at Please see this week’s devotion for our first Lenten devotional written by Grace member Lisa Bisignani — Peace, Angie Rabbe

Lent 2023

Click here for a complete list of all our Lenten offerings!


“Souperbowl Sunday”

Thank you to all who contributed food and funds to our “Souperbowl of Caring.” Also thank you to Kai Foreman who gathered and skillfully arranged all of the food in the solarium. Thank you Pastor and Kath for dropping the food off! We collected 525 lbs. of food for the Food Hub!!! May what was gathered bless many in need and bring them comfort.  

Weekly Reflection

I was at the pool when I retrieved this fragmented message from my sister, “on the helicopter…Greg drowned… being airlifted to the hospital… scared.” I collapsed in a state of helplessness and prayed. It was uproarious and loud all around, yet silence enveloped me as I asked God to help Gregory and his mom.  In that moment of crisis, when the fear was most crippling, I was invited to lean more deeply into His presence; His trust; His peace.  The world remained busy–but in prayer I was cradled in calm surrender. When we connect with God in stillness of soul, we are better positioned to hear His whispered call to follow Him, rely on Him and rest in Him. The love He pours into us refreshes us and we are compelled to share that love with others. 

Prayer joins us with our loving Father in all times, places and circumstances.  Teach us to pray with open hearts, quiet minds, and  thirsting souls in the space of intentional stillness. Thank You for the gift of stillness, the blessing of surrender, and the

loving relationship nurtured in prayer.     

Lisa bisignani

Our Grace Family

Christian Sympathy

We give thanks for the life of Yvonne Leach who attended our early service for many years before the pandemic. She died yesterday after a long illness; funeral plans are still being made. We pray God’s comfort and blessing upon Ernie, her husband of 51 years. May she rest in peace and rise in glory. The funeral will be held Friday February 24, at Grace Lutheran Church, at 11 a.m.

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