Grace News, June 11 2019

Many thanks to the children of Grace for sharing the Good News with us on Christmas Eve, they worked very hard to make this year’s play a very special part of our celebration!

Lutheran World Relief

It’s not too early to start collecting items for our Lutheran World Relief Ingathering, which will take place October 5/6. Loose items and the specified-size bath towel will be collected from now until the Ingathering. See the list below. In the fall we will have towels and school bags available for you to fill. We give this list to you now to take advantage of school supplies sales in early summer. You can put your items in the Narthex or at the closet in Fellowship Hall or bring them to the office.
What’s needed in each Personal Care Kit:
● One light-weight bath-size towel (20” x 40” to 52” x 27”), dark color recommended
● Two or three bath-size bars of soap equaling 8 to 9 oz, any brand, in original wrapping; no mini or hotel size bars
● One adult-size toothbrush in its original packaging
● One sturdy comb (no picks or fine-toothed combs), remove packaging
● One metal nail clippers (attached file optional), remove packaging
What’s needed in each School Kit:
● Four 70-sheet notebooks (280-300 sheets total) of wide-or college-ruled paper approximately 8” X 10½”; no loose-leaf paper
● One 30-centimeter ruler, or a ruler with centimeters on one side and inches on the other
● One pencil sharpener
● One pair of blunt scissors (safety scissors with embedded steel blades work well)
● Five unsharpened #2 pencils with erasers; secure together with a rubber band
● Five black or blue ballpoint pens (no gel ink); secure together with a rubber band
● One box of 16 or 24 crayons
● One 2½” eraser
We also continue to work on fleece blankets. We have a workday set for Thursday, June 27, at 1pm in Fellowship Hall. New people are needed! Thank you for the monetary donations to purchase fleece for this and for our Project Linus blankets for local toddlers.
If you care to donate instead of bringing items, checks can be written to the church and marked “Grace Church Lutheran World Relief Ingathering.” We thank Duane Weiss for remembering us with $300 from the sale of grocery cards.
Barbara Slotter 342-2654 or Linda Fackler 717-449-5574

Deborah/Elizabeth Circle Meeting June 18th 

“For Just Such a Time as This”, a Bible study based on the Book of Esther, begins with a look at how our voices can be used and how like Esther, we can touch others’ lives for good.  We gather on the third Tuesday of each month at 10:30 AM in the Round in the Muhlenberg Building on the Luther Acres campus in Lititz. Please join us for a time of study and conversation.  At about 11:30 we conclude with lunch together.  For further information please contact Joyce Saeger or Carol Main.

A message from the Program Director

At a workshop I attended a month ago, we discussed how important it is to acknowledge and celebrate the big things and the small with your faith family. Recently, I found a moment to celebrate with all of you. One Sunday there was a visitor taking a photo of the contents of our worship bags. When I talked to her, she explained that she was from a Lutheran church in NJ. She told me that their worships bags are unnoticeable in the narthex and that the content is boring. She loved our Fishbowl, our worship bag display, and the bags and their contents. This made me quite happy. Also, it made me ponder, how many people helped to create this area and worship bag experience? The Cunningham family donated the table, Angie found the bags and she orders our inserts, Tom and Vicki Mumma built and painted the seaweed display for the bags, and Lindsay Volker has donated countless crayons. This past spring the Sanctus bell choir brainstormed what could make them better and Patti Hartman found websites with great ideas. If you want to know what has changed ask Quentin, he keeps tabs and is a very active worship bag user. We have prayer key rings, sew cards, and yarn. We will soon be adding little chalk boards. Yay team! We sure do love our children of Grace! Kathryn

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Stewardship Snippets

June 16, 2019 (Trinity Sunday, Year C)
Psalm 8:3-4 – When I look at your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars that you have established; what are human beings that you are mindful of them, mortals that you care for them?
Cultivating a sense of wonder about God’s amazing creation helps nurture a spirit of generosity. Look at the world around you; signs of God’s lavish goodness abound. Now look in the mirror and see the wonder that you are. The Creator entrusts YOU to care for this abundance.

Our Grace Family

Our Confirmands and Pastor Verkouw.
From left are: Kaylah Miller, Ellie Hershey, and Luc Ries


Prayer List

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