Grace News November 3, 2020

Outreach Amid A Pandemic!

Grace Lutheran’s R3 team has managed to keep the vision of community support alive in spite of the ongoing pandemic.  Several members of the team safely gathered at Grace to fill decorated bags (extra from the recent Neighborhood Picnic) with coffee mugs, packets of coffee, tea, cocoa and snack items. 

Many thanks to Joanne McSparran for decorating the bags!

We handed out the welcome bags to CAP families and staff during the early morning hours of October 30, along with the support of the CAP team, who first tested parents and children with temperature checks and Covid-related questions. 

The children arrived excitedly dressed in Halloween costumes of dragons, policemen and princesses.  One child, asked her dad “Who are those bad people?” (referring to us) and her dad said, “There are no bad people, only strangers we don’t know.” 

As we handed out the bags, it felt heartwarming to hear their surprised comments and thank you’s. 

One mother said she was down to one coffee cup and she was needing to get another one.

Another parent shared the snacks with her children, but then told them the coffees and teas were for the adults.

As we finished up this bit of outreach and good intentions, we felt pride to see that Grace’s educational building goes on to support and to enable Lancaster’s working families in providing safe, caring, affordable childcare for their children.

Barbara Andersen and Joyce Loiseau, R3 Members

Book Club October Recomendations

Click here for the list of October Recomendations. The next meeting will be November 10 at 7PM. Please contact Barb Andersen ( if you are interested in joining.

Christian Formation

Sunday School

This week we explored the “Noah” story with Mark and Brooke Harman leading the lesson.  We read from the Spark bible, thought of questions we would like to ask God about this story from Genesis, danced to a Noah Rap and made a fun craft (see photo).

We thank God for His promise not to flood the earth again and prayed for those who passed away this year.  Next week Carolynn Main will lead class as we look at the “Daniel and the Lion’s Den” bible story. Join us at 9:30 am for our zoom Sunday School – best for kids 1-6th grades.  Look for the Weekend Updates and Links for Worship and Sunday School email from Pastor!


Keith Miller, Meghan Kelly, Timo Verkouw, and Libby McComsey enjoying a fun day at Buchmiller Park for a picnic and frisbee golf. Stayed tuned for upcoming youth events!

Youth ZOOM on Sunday mornings! For youth, grades 6-12, Meghan Kelly and Keith Miller will be leading a youth ZOOM at 9:30 a.m. If you would like to participate – please contact Meghan at to receive the link.

Advent 2020

Advent is a time to look forward, it’s the start of a new year, it’s the time when we look and wait with hope that Emmanuel will come.
This year as we look forward, I’m encouraging us to also look back in history. Liturgy and practice have developed throughout the life of the church. Our liturgy, while maintaining some pieces from the worship of our ancestors has expanded. This is true of our other customs and traditions as well.

One of the traditions that has changed over the years is Advent. At one point in our history Advent was a seven week period that served much the same purpose as Lent. I’m asking that those of you who are willing to try something new, but ancient this year, to join me in a seven week Advent.

We’ll begin on Sunday November 8th. There will be a video on the website with the readings, prayer, and the lighting of candles. I will also be writing weekly reflections and there will be a recording of the O Antiphon for the week. If you have any questions please email our Assistant Program Director, Angie Smith (

November 8, 2020 (23rdSunday after Pentecost, Proper 27, Year A)
“But let justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream.”– Amos 5:24
Through the prophet Amos, God condemns hollow displays of religiosity. What God desires is action – justice and righteousness – ever-flowing from the hearts of those who love the Lord. Act on your thankfulness this week by working for justice in your community.

Our Grace Family

We would like to recognize two additional “Saints of Grace’.  Our apologies to the family and friends of

Judy Sweigart and Esther Herr as they were not included on the list in last week’s Grace News.  We remember them and their loved ones in our prayers.

Judith N. Sweigart                                          Esther J. herr
March 5, 1946—April 14, 2020                    March 10, 1930—May 25, 2020