Grace News September 28, 2021


Devotional Materials

Devotional Materials for Oct / Nov / Dec are now available in the Narthex.

If you would like one sent to you – please call Vicki in the church office. 717-397-2748

Fall Foliage Day

October 24, 2021 ~ 1:00 – 6:00 pm ~ $10 per personThis is a wonderful opportunity to meet up with old friends or introduce new folks to camp. An evening meal is included. Enjoy Pumpkin Painting, Canoeing / Kayaking, Mountain Biking, Hayrides, Hiking, and More!

Call the church office at 397-2748 to register!

God’s Work Our Hands Updates!!

“God’s Work, Our Hands” Appeal Exceeds Goal And Is Still GROWING!!!

As of September 24th, our gifts to Lutheran Disaster Response during this special appeal total $5455, passing our goal of $5000! Our Hands in a very real sense will be doing God’s Work through the important ministry of LDR.  Our contributions will go to help ease the pain and suffering of our neighbors facing a variety of natural and humanitarian crises both here in the US and around the globe. Through LDR we will be there to address the immediate and long term needs of our sisters and brothers. Thank you for giving in Grace!

If you have not yet had the opportunity to make your gift, you can still donate to our congregational total for this special drive. Please write Lutheran Disaster Response on the memo line of your check or on your envelope.  100% of all contributions to LDR go directly to those in need. All gifts received by October 15th will be included in our special “God’s Work, Our Hands” appeal total. 

While our special appeal will soon draw to a close, please remember that you can always give to Lutheran Disaster Response, either by so designating LDR in a gift directed to Grace or by giving directly to LDR as is explained on their website.

NEW DATE!  Neighborhood Cookout BBQ – October 24th
(Due to supply issues we are moving the Cook-Out to October 24th)

We are moving ever closer to October and our planned neighborhood BBQ meal prepared by the Bertrands’ Smokestack BBQ.  If you would like to help prior to the day, volunteers are needed to distribute invitation doorhangers in the blocks closest to Grace. 

Volunteers will also be needed on October 24th for tasks like handing out information about Grace and for distributing the meal itself.  Please contact Barbara Andersen (717-898-4805), if you would like to be involved in either way.

Grace members will be able to pre-order meals by calling the church office at 717-397- 2748. The meal will consist of a BBQ sandwich, mac ‘n’ cheese, baked beans, and cole slaw. The cost is $10.00. Meals can be picked up the day of the cookout.


Lutheran World Relief Ingathering Sunday October 3

On Monday, September 27, we packed 33 School Kits and 104 Personal Care Kits. Thanks to Cindy Labezius, Dianne Sherr, Linda Fackler, Brenda Hayasaka and Donna Linton, who made up our Thrivent Project Action Team. Thank you for your donations.

We still have a number of towels left to fill after some needed supplies arrive from Amazon. The envelope in the bulletin today is for the LWR Shipping Fund. It costs about $1.40 to ship a School Kit and $2.65 for a Personal Care Kit (which includes the cost of the toothpaste to go with the kits.)

Each year LWR spends nearly $1.7 million to operate its Quilt and Kit Ministry. Those funds combined with the generosity of quilters and kit-makers throughout the U.S. enable LWR to distribute more than $12 million worth of quilts and kits annually.

LIRS Prayer Vigil For Afghanistan 

“At LIRS, we know that so many of us are facing an incredibly difficult time. We are devastated by the fall of Afghanistan’s elected government and our hearts break for our Afghan allies, their families, and all those in grave danger of Taliban retaliation. Chaotic scenes from at the airport in Kabul, stories of fear and danger, and reports of deaths and increasing violence are being broadcast on nearly every news channel. Our hearts are breaking, and we want to take action. With that in mind, we invite you to join us in Sacred Silence.”

Prayer is an important part of life as Christians and as Lutherans. Luther said, “As is the business of tailors to make clothes and cobblers to make shoes, so it is the business of Christians to pray.”* Grace is partnering with Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service to host a prayer vigil for Afghanistan and Afghan refugees on October 20th. We will have a twelve-hour silent vigil in the nave (7 AM-7 PM) followed by a brief (approximately 30 min) community vigil where we will break the silence, pray aloud, read scripture, and hear a brief reflection from LIRS. Please call the church office to sign- up (717-397-2748). If you are interested in reading at the community vigil please email Angie Rabbe ( or let Vicki know when you call the office to sign up for a slot. Face masks will be required for this event. If you would like to join us but cannot make it to church on the 20th you can still participate. Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing prayers that you can use at home in the Grace News. If you have any questions please contact Angie. 

* I tried to find the source for this quote and couldn’t but like many quotes from Luther, I’m going to trust that he said it or something similar.

Creation Care

Season of Creation

Recently our efforts at caring for God’s creation in our community were recognized by the Lower Susquehanna Synod, whose team produced a lovely video explaining some of our efforts and featuring some members of our creation care team talking about the ways our congregation has invested in managing our stormwater run-off to save the Bay, caring for native plants to support native pollinators, and caring for our own Grace Bees! 

Bottle Cap Collection

We are still collecting caps for the Earth Savers Club at Central York High School. If you would like to help—drop off your clean/label free caps to the church office! Thank you for helping to protect our planet!

This Week’s Green Tip

The key to successful composting is maintaining a balance between carbon and nitrogen materials in the compost bin. A healthy compost pile should have about two-thirds carbon (brown) materials and one-third nitrogen (green) materials. The carbon-rich materials provide aeration to speed up the composting process, eliminate foul odors, and help produce a light, fluffy finished compost. Read more here

Oct. 3, 2021 (19th Sunday after Pentecost, Year B) Psalm 8:4, 6

What are human beings that you [Lord] are mindful of them, mortals that you care for them? You have given them dominion over the works of your hands; you have put all things under their feet.

God gives us dominion over God’s creation, which means we’re in charge. But that also means we have a duty to treat the created world respectfully and use its resources responsibly. How do you think we’re doing? As steward-disciples, how can we do better?

Our Grace Family