Grace News October 5, 2021

God’s Work, Our Hands Updates!

“God’s Work, Our Hands” Appeal Continues to Grow!

As of October 1st, contributions to Lutheran Disaster Response during Grace’s special appeal totaled $6,555!  Through the important ministry of LDR, our gifts will go to help ease our neighbors’ pain and suffering caused by natural and humanitarian crises here in the US and around the globe.  

100% of all contributions to LDR go directly to those in need.   Through LDR Our Hands will be there with our sisters and brothers doing God’s Work. 

There is still time for your donation to be counted in our congregational total.   If you have not yet had the opportunity to make your gift, please do so now.  All contributions received by October 15th will be included in the total for this special drive.  Please write Lutheran Disaster Response on the memo line of your check or on your envelope.  Let’s see by how much we can exceed the $5000 goal set in early September! 

While this special appeal will soon draw to a close, please remember that you can always give to Lutheran Disaster Response, either by so designating LDR in a gift directed to Grace or by giving directly to LDR as is explained here

Neighborhood BBQ Meal Now Set for October 24th

As noted in last week’s Grace News, the Neighborhood BBQ meal has been moved back one week due to supply issues and now will be held at 12:30 on Sunday, October 24th.  A time of fun, a sharing of information about Grace’s ministries, and a delicious takeout meal prepared by the Bertrands’ Smokestack BBQ are being planned.  Covid protocols of masking and social distancing will be followed. 

Three Ways You Can Help Prior to the Event: 

  • First, volunteers are needed to distribute door hanger invitations in the blocks closest to Grace during the week of October 17th.  These invitations and street assignments will be available Sunday, October 17th after the 10:30 worship service or by contacting Barbara Andersen (717-898-4805). 
  • Secondly, the committee is seeking help in filling lovely backpacks with small gifts for our neighborhood guests.  Please contact Barbara Andersen for the date and time that this will happen. 
  • Thirdly, monetary gifts to help defray the costs for the day will be gratefully received.  Thank you to everyone who has already made contributions to help make this outreach to our neighborhood possible!

Two Ways to Help October 24th:    (Both stations are planned for outside)

  • People are needed at a welcome table to briefly greet our guests and to hand out information about our congregation. 
  • Others are needed to help with the distribution of the takeout meals.  

You Also Are Invited to Enjoy a BBQ Meal October 24th!

If you would like to enjoy a  delicious Smokestack BBQ takeout meal on the 24th,  please make a reservation by calling the church office (717-397-2748), or by emailing Vicki Mumma at , or by signing up on one of the reservation sheets in the narthex.  The meal will include pork BBQ, mac n’ cheese, baked beans, and coleslaw, and the cost is $10 per person.  The committee asks, if you are not volunteering thatday, that you please pick up your meal by noon.  This will help the flow of guests and social distancing.  Thank you!

Race For Refugees End of Race Update

As many of you know 15 members and friends of Grace participated in this year’s Race For Refugees.
Between September 15th and 30th we:

  • raised $570 for Carry The Future
  • walked/ran/hiked 301.97 miles
  • biked 224.24 miles 
  • worked out for 59 hours and 15 minutes! 

Our team Grace Gets Gains came in 16th place out of 28 teams! Congratulations to Robert Durand, Donna Linton, Brenda Hayasaka, Susan Will, and Chole Brubaker for getting the most points for our team over the course of the race!

Thank you to everyone who supported our team!

LIRS Prayer Vigil For Afghanistan 

“At LIRS, we know that so many of us are facing an incredibly difficult time. We are devastated by the fall of Afghanistan’s elected government and our hearts break for our Afghan allies, their families, and all those in grave danger of Taliban retaliation. Chaotic scenes from at the airport in Kabul, stories of fear and danger, and reports of deaths and increasing violence are being broadcast on nearly every news channel. Our hearts are breaking, and we want to take action. With that in mind, we invite you to join us in Sacred Silence.”

Prayer is an important part of life as Christians and as Lutherans. Luther said, “As is the business of tailors to make clothes and cobblers to make shoes, so it is the business of Christians to pray.”*
Grace is partnering with Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service to host a prayer vigil for Afghanistan and Afghan refugees on October 20th. We will have a twelve-hour silent vigil in the nave (7 AM-7 PM) followed by a brief (approximately 30 min) community vigil where we will break the silence, pray aloud, read scripture, and hear a brief reflection from LIRS. Face masks will be required for this event. If you would like to join us but cannot make it to church on the 20th you can still participate. Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing prayers that you can use at home in the Grace News.  

O Lord, the Psalmist writes: “Rescue the weak and the needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked.” (Psalm 82:4)

This day, this moment, Your people have the opportunity to reach out and serve as Your instruments to bring forth hope, life, and salvation to those in need.
Families throughout Afghanistan implore your help…hear them for Jesus’ sake. We join our prayers to theirs as they huddle together, and try to escape notice by those who might seek their lives.
Bless Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service. Never has there been a time when the eyes of the world are locked on a people in crisis. Never before has there been a desire to do something to alleviate suffering throughout our nation’s fabric as there is today. You have placed all the pieces together, LIRS, a purpose and those whose hearts are full of Your love to make a difference.
Let Your will prevail in this moment. Grant freedom to those who are in bondage. Grant success to those who work tirelessly to move paperwork, make phone calls, and receive families to a new land and a new hope. We are bold to pray this in the name of Your Son, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Pastor Moreno christ lutheran church norfolk ne

Please call Vicki in the church office (717-397-2748) to sign up for a time slot during the silent vigil. If you have any questions or would like to read at the community vigil please email Angie Rabbe (
* I tried to find the source for this quote and couldn’t but like many quotes from Luther, I’m going to trust that he said it or something similar.         

Oct. 10, 2021 (20th Sunday after Pentecost, Year B) Mark10:24b, 25

Jesus said to them again, “Children, how hard it is to enter the kingdom of God! It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the Kingdom of God.”
When he talks about money, Jesus frequently uses words of warning. Why does wealth hinder rich people from entering the Kingdom of God? How are you managing? How can we, as steward-disciples, do better?

Creation Care

Cap Collection

We are still collecting caps for the Earth Savers Club at Central York High School. If you would like to help—drop off your clean and label free caps to the church office! Thank you for helping to protect our planet!

This Week’s Green Tips

Leaves are one of the most valued compost materials because they are carbon-rich and small enough to be easily incorporated into the compost. Deciduous leaves are best; do not use evergreen leaves such as holly, laurel and conifers.

Wait until the leaves start turning brown before raking them up. (Some leaves can be left under trees and shrubs where they will compost themselves. This helps to reduce the amount of new mulch needed to cover the areas surrounding your trees and shrubbery.) Read more here

Our Grace Family

Congratulations to Justin & Veronica Buckwalter as they welcomed a son, Wyatt Charles, born on Tuesday September 28, 2021. 

Wyatt is the grandson of member Deb Buckwalter.